Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I upgrade my SMACH Z?
Select a base model of SMACH Z and then you can choose the RAM, storage, camera or shell you want.

How much storage and RAM is right for me?
The more storage you have, the more content you can store on your SMACH Z, such as games, apps, photos, music or movies. If you have a large games library you can always use SD cards to bring your games everywhere. Regarding RAM, most of the current games require 4GB, while more demanding games and upcoming titles may require 6GB or more. 8GB is recommended if you are going to play AAA games.

Does my SMACH Z come ready to use?
Yes, it will arrive ready to use. Just turn it on and follow the onscreen instructions to set it up.

What Operating Systems are supported? How can I choose them? Can I change it later?
We support Windows 10 and SMACH OS (Linux). You can choose the OS you want pre-installed in your SMACH Z in the purchase preferences screen.The console includes SMACH OS for free, if you want to use Windows 10 you’ll need to activate the license yourself or pay an additional cost for an official Windows license key.

You can change the OS yourself at any time as with a normal PC, or even try to install other non supported operating systems if you wish.

What type of RAM memory does it use?
SODIMM DDR4 2400 MHz. Starting at 4GB of RAM.

What is upgradable?
The RAM, storage and even the SoC when a new one is announced.

Can I upgrade the RAM and storage myself? Will I lose the warranty?
Yes, you can upgrade RAM and storage yourself as you would with a laptop or PC. They will need to have the following specifications:

- RAM: SODIMM DDR4 up to 2400 Mhz.
- Storage: m2 SSD size 22x42.

We recommend buying the components from our store to ensure compatibility.

If you open the console to upgrade it or make any other modifications that damage the device you may lose the warranty. We recommend making the upgrades with us or with any of the technical support shops that we will announce in the following months.

How do I charge it?
SMACH Z is charged through the USB-C port. You can charge and use the USB port at the same time with a USB hub.

What plug is included in the SMACH Z charger?
You will receive the plug corresponding to your country or region. If you have any special requirements please indicate it in your order.

Can I install games or a bootable OS on the microSD card?

What is the largest microSD card SMACH Z will support?
512GB is the biggest microSD card on the market at the moment, but the standard allows up to 2TB.

How fast will loading off the microSD card be?
The speed depends on the type of microSD you use, with a class 10 card you get 10MB/s.

Where can I get my Z-Pads?
Sorry, we are not offering the Z-pads yet. They will be sold in the near future.

How do Z-Pads work?
Z-Pads are a piece of plastic that touches the haptic panel. You can configure them using the same software as the controllers.

What is the battery's capacity?
4 cells of 3,200 mAh each.

What WiFi will SMACH Z be utilizing?
802.11abgn/ac 2T2R WIFI & BT Module, which is backwards compatible with all previous standards.

What kind of games can I play on SMACH Z?
Think of SMACH Z as a PC. You can play any PC game, including the ones on Steam, Battlenet, Origin, Uplay, etc., and not only games, but also install software of any kind. SMACH Z is a handheld PC.

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